Five Of The Dirtiest Places In Your Home

You are used to cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, the floors, the balcony and so forth. But outside these major cleaning hotspots, there are a few little places that are dirtier than you could have imagined. How do we know this? We spoke to the best bond cleaning company in Brisbane in Domcare Cleaning about five of the most dirtiest places in your home – and which you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Cutting Boards
    Think of all the food that you cut day-in-day-out. Think of all the bacteria that builds up over that time. You shouldn’t be shocked that your cutting board is one of the more dirtier parts of your home. Even washing it on a consistent basis won’t do the trick. You have to go extreme and give it the ultimate wipedown so that your board is clean and safe for use.
  2. Door Knobs
    You hands manage to touch a lot of unsavoury things throughout the day. So add your hands and those of your family and friends, and what do you get? Knobs that are covered in dirt and bacteria. While it is impossible to consistently clean your door knobs, doing it now and then can make a huge difference.
  3. Coffee Makers
    Coffee tends to make a mess. So cleaning your makers now and then can go a long way to ensure that you drink clean coffee all the time. Once a week is enough to ensure that you are healthy and safe at all times.
  4. Around The Toilet
    Okay, the toilet itself always needs a clean, but around the back of it, people tend to ignore. Our advice is not too, as it can get super dirty there. Clean around the toilet as much as possible so that you end up with a healthy bathroom at all times.
  5. Your Favorite Couch
    You sit all day in your couch, and with it, all the grim that your pants and clothes in. Over time, you are going to find that your couch is loaded with plenty of dust, bacteria and crap. That is why we suggest that you look towards giving your couch a super clean every now and then, so that is is fresh and brand new for you.

Now if you don’t want to clean these little spots yourself, then leave it to the experts at Domcare Cleaning – the best Window Cleaners in Brisbane. They will do what it takes to deliver and will pay special attention to detail, as well as will give your home a good deep clean so you can enjoy it!